Engineer, Big data + ML. Currently at Google.

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About Me

Welcome, my name is Brad Miro and I am an engineer based out of New York City! I currently work as an engineer for Google, where I focus on improving the developer experience of using open-source big data and machine learning tools on Google Cloud. This has come in the form of giving talks on TensorFlow or Apache Spark, writing blog posts, creating tutorials, writing set up scripts to configure environments with data science tools, and working with some of our partners on larger projects such as an ebook. You can find a list of my work in my portfolio tab. Before Google, I worked at NYC-based company Dataminr building out their data science infrastructure.

Outside of work hours, I am an avid Magic the Gathering player, as well as a dabbler in Hearthstone and Poker. Other interests include skiing, playing guitar, singing, and vegetarian food.